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You may feel like the business journey has many twists  and turns.  Maybe you feel like you have been here before. The journey can be isolating.  Business owners and executives are busy.  They have plans and goals to implement, somehow other things get in the way.  Staff can offer support, but frequently they bring you more problems to solve.  Where do you turn for solutions?

Some days, nothing feels right or like it is not going in your favor, and you're left feeling restless and unfulfilled.  Maybe you have so much to do that excelling in any one thing is near impossible.  Getting everything done means average results.  You often think, with more time you could deliver excellence.

It may come as no surprise that those who thrive as business executives and small business owners have access to a solid support system. If you could build a plan to generate and serve new customers; instead of worrying how to get your next client through the door, wouldn't that be a relief?

Imagine what it would be like to have someone who is a partner in your success. Someone who would help you set goals, create a plan to achieve them, and hold you accountable. A MAPS coach who helps you connect to your purpose, is the first step to keep your compass pointed in the right direction. 

Is A Business MAPS Coach Ideal for Me?


If you've ever wondered, "Is business coaching ideal for me?" The answer is a resounding "yes!" Regardless of your industry, background, or experience, coaching can make a huge difference in your success.

Take a look at sports for an analogy. Would you ever imagine Michael Jordan looking to himself for tactics, game plans, or fitness? Of course not! He trusted his coach Phil Jackson and trainer Tim Grover for coaching to etch his name among the stars.   Why would Mia Hamm the Olympic soccer star choose to coach at the Team First Soccer Academy?

Athletes and businesses are similar in that they are both looking for ways to win. And, the best way to win isn't by trying to do it all alone. It's about finding the right coach to create transformational breakthroughs.

How Does MAPs Business Coaching Work?

MAPS Business Coach - Purpose

People do not decide their futures;
they decide their habits and
their habits decide their futures.
                            F.M. Alexander

You cannot improve what you DO not measure. You need to know where you are, how far you've come, and where you want to go. When an athlete is looking at their game, they look at statistics. Stats help them track what's working for them and what isn't. It's no different with MAPS transformational coaching.

MAPS business coaching offers an assessment baseline. Sue Vencill will provide you with real-time actionable intelligence.  Sue uses a Socratic questioning method to help you find business clarity.

Take a moment to think about what is causing you anxiety and stress regarding your business. 

Are you struggling to know where to focus? Are you overwhelmed by daily activities that leave you working late and keep important goals pushed out to the future?

Sue will shine a light on your path and help you focus on what's most important first; so, you can go further, faster.

Business coaching is happening all around us, even if we're not seeing it. It pays to be aware of how business coaching is impacting people's lives positively. Why not join the ranks of thriving entrepreneurs?

Make the decision right now to change your future.

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