Engage Your Employees with Transformational Training

Provide Your Talent with The Skills Needed to Be Successful

Employees have watched you grow and transform as a boss.  You're excited about the future and they want to join you in that excitement.  Reality is they are not really sure how to join you on the journey.

Not all employees will know their personal core values.  Employees might be unsure where or how they fit in the long-term growth of your company.  Helping teams understand their core values, will allow them to align with the company core values where they overlap.  When your talent begins to understand the path to success, they will become more engaged.

Each company has a unique set of employee needs.  Once you understand where you are going, you can set goals for your staff training.  As employees grow you may identify skill gaps that can help employees achieve.

Different learning methods can be tailored to meet the needs of your talent.  Sue not only coaches executives; she also engages your team with transformational training.  Sue works with teams in multiple learning methods including; onsite classroom, zoom classes, role-playing, coaching and mentoring. 

MAPS Transformational Training         

 Traditional training leaves your talent walking out of a training session armed with notes that cover the entire process.  This can be too much information which could create confusion.  How will employees understand what is and what is not relevant to their job?  With traditional training your talent can become overwhelmed.

Transformational training provides micro-lessons modern learners prefer.  This style of training is designed to provide talent with the opportunity to utilize the process to increase retention.  Talent armed with knowledge, experience and coaching will engage and bring you more value.

Our goal is not simply to train on the process, it is about enabling talent to perform at a higher level.  Engaged employees bring new ideas, are excited about their work, and collaborate with team members and management.  Engaged employees bring loyalty and ownership to the company purpose, core values and processes.  

What are the Benefits of MAPS Transformational Training?

transformational training coach

Employee knowledge is a company’s most valuable asset and the most underused

     ~ Peter Drucker  

A myriad of lists exist that discuss the benefits of transformational training.  This list places those benefits into two important categories.  Benefits to the company and benefits to the employee:  


1.  Self Confidence
2.    Increased motivation
3.    Stronger team relations
4.    Opportunity for growth
5.    Happier and healthier
6.    Sense of loyalty  


1.    Reduce turnover
2.    Increase efficiency
3.    Minimize waste
4.    Minimize supervision
5.    Helps new employees 

 You have to ask yourself: are you ready to break the barriers that have kept your team from full engagement.?

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